5 Benefits of Installing a Campervan Elevating Roof to Your VW Camper

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If you have a VW T6 camper van, then consider yourself already pretty lucky! The T6 is one of the most popular camper van models on the market due to its smooth ride, ample space, and near-unrivalled build.

However, there is always room for improvement, and if you have been using it as a conversion or otherwise, then the chances are that there is one common thing that may slightly get on your nerves – the height.

While many of us choose the T6 specifically because the vehicle’s size helps us reach areas that we simply wouldn’t be able to with a larger van, getting comfortable can be an issue when you’re feeling pretty stunted. But, what if you could add an extra bit of space to your camper?

A VW T6 elevating roof will not only add extra space and headroom to your vehicle – there are plenty of other perks you might not be expecting, too.

Here are just five of the top benefits of installing a VW T6 pop-top campervan elevating roof


You’ll make more room

campervan elevating roofOf course, the main purpose of using an elevating roof in your campervan is to make more room. You can elevate the roof when you are moving about the van, to ensure that you can stand up straight, enhancing your comfort with next to no effort.

You could also use that extra space to add an extra room! Suddenly, a van for two could easily sleep four – the choice is yours.

Having that extra space will be a game-changer – especially if you’re on the road a lot. Being in a smaller van, especially when multiple people are travelling with you, can get cramped after a while. Therefore, having the opportunity to pop the roof up should make a lot of sense – why cramp yourself in?


You’ll be better ventilated

Although you may not think of it at first, elevating roofs on campervans do help air to circulate more efficiently. There are multiple windows to a pop up roof – meaning you can easily pop them open, instantly providing quality aeration for the van without having to let any rain in.

One of the biggest problems with inadequate van conversions is the ventilation. The more people living in the van, the more ventilation is necessary. However, even one person alone may have to deal with mould and dampness if venting is poor.

Popping your roof up is going to make the air inside your van easier to breathe, and what’s more, you can do so without losing any comfort along the way. There’s no need for any additional, costly systems to fit and maintain, either.


Hide your campervan elevating pop top roof away when it’s not in use

A major asset to setting up a VW campervan elevating roof is that it’s there when you need it, and easily put away when you’re finished for the day (or night).

campervan with elevating roof put awayOne of the main reasons that most of us choose regular vans as opposed to high roof vehicles is that they are much easier to manoeuvre and can simply go more places. You can generally fit into normal car parks, you have an easier time getting around bustling towns, you do not have the same aerodynamic issues on motorways, etc.

However, you do have to deal with a smaller space – and for the longest time, that has meant having to avoid investing in taller models for the sake of practicality.

With an elevating roof, that is no longer an issue. You can move your van around like a regular vehicle, and still get the space that you need when you stop. Simply pop up your roof when you need the extra headroom, and retract it when it’s time to park or hit the road again.


You’ll see more of the world

No, really! Along with the added windows built into your elevating roof, you will naturally get even better views from your van. Whether that means seeing more of the brilliant blue sky during the day, or watching the stars at night, you’ll have your very own vantage point from a super convenient spot.

Anyone with a campervan will tell you that part of the appeal of travelling around in a conversion is to get out and see the world. So, why not improve that experience with even more views with an elevating roof? You never know what you might miss out on, especially if you’re a born explorer, stargazer, or a bit of both.


You won’t have to worry about fiddly controls

If you have ever seen an elevating roof before, you may think that they look somewhat like miniature tents. Let’s make this clear – a pop up roof is nothing like a tent – at least, when it comes to getting set up – meaning you can get up and running in no time at all.

Elevating roofs are very easy to set up, and require very little effort to pop up and down whenever you need them. They are built with your comfort and convenience in mind, meaning you’ll only ever spend seconds – minutes at most – getting them up and down again.

In fact, it will most likely become second nature for when you stop, to simply lift your elevating roof. Trust us – it’ll make a world of difference to the way you travel.



T6 campervan elevating roofA campervan elevating roof – and we mean no exaggeration – could change the way you drive your camper conversion. As experts in VW campervan elevating roof installations (and much more besides), we’ve helped hundreds of families hit the road with extra headroom, better ventilation, extra views and more besides. A pop up roof camper is one you can rely on for incredible holidays on the road and off again.

Our fantastic team of professionals have spent years honing our craft – we know how to get a VW T6 pop top roof working great in no time.

For more information, please contact us on 01623 862951, or email us at info@sherwoodcampers.co.uk. Take the next big step in your VW camper conversion adventure!


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