Interior Features

Seating and Beds
Our advanced seating in each of our ranges offers the ideal flexible and adaptable space for your new camper. With the ability to transform your seating area into a comfy bed, our ergonomic seating and bed solution provides the ultimate comfort.
Awnings and rails
To make the most of the outdoors during your adventure, our awnings and rails provide the ultimate connection between your camper and the outdoors! Not only do our awning options allow you to extend your living space, you can also make the most of the fresh air.
Sherwood Campers offer a range of window fitting services for your camper van. We use high quality glass which is 80% tinted and we are fully auto glass trained. Check out our individual ranges to see what window options we offer as part of each range.
Make the most of your camping adventures all year round and whatever the weather, with our highly efficient campervan heating systems. We offer different options to ensure you get a heating system that suits your use and requirements.
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Customise your camper even further by browsing our interior extras - and see how you can take your VW camper conversion to the next level.

Add a REIMO Pop Top Roof to your camper

Smartly extend the living space of your converted VW van with a Reimo pop top roof. We can assure you a Reimo Pop Top Roof is the perfect extra for your VW Camper Van.

Sherwood Campers can supply and fit Reimo Pop Top Roofs for VW T6 vans. For any other vehicles, please contact us for more information.
T5 and T6 campervans
from (including VAT)
*Due to current fluctuation in cost of materials, please call us for a quote

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