The Rufford campervan interiorThe Rufford is our second interior option for VW Transporter conversions. Featuring a refined trim finish in a range of colours, the Rufford is a great mid-range option for anyone interested in a new VW T5 interior or a new VW T6 interior.


  • The furniture is built using a lightweight, high-pressure laminated wood. It’s strong, easy to clean and it will last as long as your Transporter does.
  • A tambour door is featured, which is a safer and more stylish option than doors which swing.
  • Storage spaces include the overhead locker, a drawer and a wardrobe.
  • An LED light shelf is above the sink, and all other lighting is LED as well for maximum safety and energy efficiency.

Seating and beds

  • As with all our RIB beds in our VW T5 camper conversions and VW T6 camper conversions, our Ruffords beds are TUV certified for quality and safety.
  • We also make sure that all our beds pass the relevant EU safety standards. The safety of your family is always our priority with every bed we sell.
  • Finally, our RIB beds can be installed with a choice of a VW trim or a vinyl trim.


  • The flooring in the Rufford is insulated, anti-slip Altro vinyl flooring. It comes with an edge trim.

Lining and insulation

  • The Rufford comes with brand new, high-quality lining carpet for insulation in a range of colours. We can guarantee our insulation is level 5 quality.


  • The Rufford comes with a dimmer switch so that you can create the perfect lighting for the perfect mood in your home away from home.
  • A CBE 210 power control unit helps you to make sure that your electricity is controlled.
  • The Rufford comes with a Waeco CRX50 fridge. It’s a quality, efficient, lightweight fridge where you can store 48 litres of food and drink.
  • Our 100ah leisure battery has a four-year guarantee and heavy-duty inline fuses.
  • A 240-volt socket, a 12-volt socket and light switch, and six LED lights are also included with the Rufford.


  • The Rufford comes with 12 litres of water storage, a 12-volt tap and a 12-volt pump for hot or cold water. The tap is also folded for a more elegant look and for easier use.
  • The wastewater from your sink is taken to the underside of the van.


  • There are two blackout Blinds to give you privacy while you travel.
  • There are two windows. One is fixed in place and the other can be opened with a slider.


  • A Smev 9222 double hob, a sink with tap, and glass tops give you a great place to cook a variety of dishes while you travel.
  • gas safety certificate comes as standard with all our VW T5 interior refits and VW T6 interior refits.
  • The gas regulator is equipped with a connector hose.
  • The gas box and vent go through the camper floor to outside.

Added extra: SCA Pop Top roof

As an option added extra, we offer SCA Pop Top roof installations or Reimo pop top roof. This will give you more headroom and an extra sleeping space as well.

Other VW T5 and VW T6 interior extras

We are also happy to customise any Rufford. We love hearing customisation requests from our customers and creating unique designs that perfectly suit your needs.

Contact Sherwood Campers today to talk about how we can make your VW T5 or VW T6 interior a place to live and travel!