VW camper van with mountains in the backgroundOur first interior option for VW T5 camper conversions — or VW T6 camper conversions — is great for making sure that you have all of the essentials you need for a holiday away. Cooking facilities, a bed, and furniture with a simple finish means that you’ll be perfectly comfortable in your home away from home, wherever you decide to take it for the break away.


Your  The Thoresby  includes some great furniture features:

  • All the furniture is made of high-pressure laminated wood. This makes it durable and super-easy to clean.
  • A tambour door on runners is a great, practical, stylish alternative to swinging doors on hinges.
  • A storage space below the worktop is great for storing food and basic cutlery.
  • Smooth, rounded corners provide a great-looking finish.
  • The entire system fits neatly behind the driver’s seat.

Seating and beds

  • All of the RIB beds we install in every camper van conversion we work on and all our Thoresby, Ruffords, and Sherwood Foresters are TUV certified for quality and safety.
  • All RIB beds have also passed rigorous EU safety standards. The guarantee of safety is as important to us as it is to you and your family.
  • Our RIB beds come with a VW trim or a vinyl trim and have built-in headrests for a great night’s sleep.


  • The Thoresby comes with insulated, anti-slip Altro vinyl flooring with an edge trim.

Lining and insulation

  • The Thoresby is fitted with brand new lining carpet, panels, and insulation to make sure that you and your fellow adventurers are warm when you sleep.


  • The Thoresby comes with a CBE power management system, so you can keep track of the electricity you’re using with a CBE 210 power control unit.
  • The Waeco CRX50 fridge is a high-quality, high-efficiency, lightweight fridge which comes with an ample 48 litres of storage space. It’s perfect for storing food and perhaps even a few beers or bottles of wine.
  • A 100ah leisure battery with a two-year guarantee and heavy-duty inline fuses means that you won’t need to worry about the power going out on you.
  • The Thoresby also comes equipped with a 240-volt socket, a 12-volt socket and light switch, and six LED lights — a safer and more energy efficient alternative to regular lighting.


  • 12 litres of water storage is enough to wash your hands and wash the dishes while keeping your VW transporter conversion a light-moving thing.
  • The 12-volt tap comes with a 12-volt pump which is perfect for delivering the correct flow of water.
  • Wastewater from your sink is taken to the underside of the van.


  • Two blackout curtains help to give you some much-needed privacy.
  • The interior also comes with two windows. One is fixed and one is openable with a slider.


  • Each Thoresby comes with a Smev 9222 double hob, a sink with tap, and glass tops. This complete cooking station is perfect for cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • All our VW T5 interior refits and VW T6 interior refits have gas installations with a gas safety certificate.
  • The gas box and vent goes through the campervan floor to outside and the gas regulator comes with a connector hose.

Added extra: SCA Pop Top roof

For an extra fee, we can install an SCA Pop Top roof or a Reimo pop top roof to give you maximum headroom and even an extra place to sleep!

Other VW T5 and VW T6 interior extras

If you want anything added to Thoresby Weekender, let us know. We can make almost any customisation a possibility with our range of VW T5 interior extras and VW T6 interior extras.

For a range of VW T5 interior upgrades, contact Sherwood Campers today to talk about your options.