Buying Converted Camper Vans

Converted Camper Vans, Perfect All Year Round with Campervan Heaters and Insulation

Volkswagen Transporter covered with snowUsing converted camper vans is commonly assumed to be a summer-only activity, your campervan can be fitted with a range of powerful and fuel-efficient camper heaters to keep your adventure going — even when the sun starts to disappear.

Your campervan is your home away from home, so it’s important to make sure it’s as comfy, warm and enjoyable to be in as possible. The right heater and insulation can mean you can tackle whatever the weather wants to throw at you, giving you more use out of your campervan throughout the year.

Why invest in a camper heater?

Obviously, a camper heater keeps you warm when needed, but this can have dramatic effects on how and where you use your campervan throughout the year. A heater gives you the ability to use your campervan even as the summer months drift away and the cold weather sets in, or if you decide to go somewhere a bit chillier than the beach.

With the right heater, you can use your campervan to go anywhere at any time throughout the year, rain or shine. Fancy trying a trip up the mountains to take in the view? A heater will keep both you and your campervan toasty warm while you explore the new heights.

Of course, if you just want to go on a winter trip, a camper heater gives you the ability to use the campervan during the cold months, extending the time you get for the money you’ve invested in it.

Interior maintenance becomes much easier with the right heater, too, allowing you to keep the interior warm and dry, keeping it safe from mould, damp, or other moisture problems when the campervan isn’t in use.

What about campervan insulation? Is it necessary?

Absolutely. A powerful heater is pointless without the right campervan insulation, and insulation can become useless without the right heater. The right type of insulation can dramatically increase the fuel efficiency of your campervan, helping to keep in the heat during cold months, while also keeping it cool during summer months.

Insulation also offers a range of other uses, such as keeping the interior of your campervan dry, preventing rust, mould and other nasty problems from appearing due to poor moisture management.

Some insulation types also give the added benefit of lower noise coming into the campervan, meaning you can get a peaceful night’s rest. Or, if you like your music, ensuring you don’t disturb the area as much!

Our recommended camper heater: the Webasto Airtop 2000 STC

We’re constantly on the lookout for the best camper equipment. Since camper heaters are such an important part of any adventure, knowing which heater to choose can be the difference between a cold, damp, miserable nightmare, and a cosy, blissful trip through the mountains.

For us, the Webasto Airtop 2000 STC covers all the areas we’d ever need and then some. It offers low fuel consumption, is practically silent when running, and can be attached to either the interior or exterior of the vehicle for ideal space-saving if your campervan is already stuffed with gear.

It’s also extremely quick and easy to maintain, comes with automatic or manual altitude control as standard, as well as a seriously useful SmartControl and diagnostic system, allowing you to see all the information you’d need to know. In short, it’s perfect for any adventure.

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