With an almost endless number of options on the table, knowing what conversion van seats and beds to add to your camper van is a priority. Let the Sherwood Campers experts guide your decision

Campervan Seats and BedsPotentially the single most important factor in whether you enjoy your break away or not, choosing the right seats and beds for your camper van is rarely straightforward. With so many different options on the table, a few things need to be considered before putting money down on new seats and beds.

Primarily, safety and ergonomics is the key factor to consider. While cheaper may seem better, being comfortable in your camper van is more important in the long run. That larger price tag won’t make a difference when you’re snug and dozing safely in your camper van. The same goes for seats. Campervan trips usually require long periods of driving, so you need to make sure your seats are comfortable to sit in for long periods of time as well as safe.

Factors to consider when choosing conversion van seats and beds

Price is regularly the first consideration when looking to replace beds and seats. While it’s important to stay within your budget (especially if you’re upgrading the rest of your campervan at the same time), choosing the right beds and seats affects almost every aspect of your adventure away. Consider holding off on a cheap purchase if you can push the budget a little further, as the more expensive options give more than just a good night’s sleep.


Safety in the event of an accident on the roads is the biggest consideration. Many campervan seat manufacturers don’t have to go through crash safety tests and choose not to lower their cost, which is why it’s extremely important that you purchase yours from a manufacturer that states that they have been through tests and put your safety as a priority. Generally, these will come at a higher price, but to get the added assurance of safety is priceless.


The importance of comfort cannot be underestimated. We’d always recommend you make comfort your top priority when choosing which beds and seats. If you can’t rest due to an unsupportive bed, or find long periods of driving or sitting to be uncomfortable, you’ll quickly become irritated. Putting more money towards quality beds and seats leads to better temperature control, softer and more supportive mattresses and, ultimately, a more comfortable trip.


Space is also important when choosing your beds and seats. Thankfully, modern campervan seat and bed manufacturers offer innovative space-saving solutions to this, with more adaptability usually coming in at a higher cost. Having room for extra luggage, the ability to remove or adapt the seats for multiple purposes, or the chance to clear space when you’ve arrived are all serious considerations when purchasing seats and beds.

Our top choices for your conversion van seats and beds:

1. Reimo Variotech 3000

Reimo is a big name in campervan beds and seats and its Variotech 3000 makes it clear to see why. Offering an immense amount of customisation, you can use it to create beds, loungers, and seats. You can even slide it back into place to allow room for extra removable seats, transforming your campervan into a people carrier. The Variotech 3000 is also incredibly comfortable, both for sitting and lying on.

It’s been fully checked for safety, too, having been through rigorous testing and complying with all the main European standards. All you need to do is kick back and relax on your bed, chair, or lounger and enjoy the space and comfort, knowing you’re 100% safe.

2. Scopema RIB camper Beds

A great option for those who are conscious of looks as well as comfort and ergonomics, the Scopema RIB beds are all custom-made for your vehicle. So, you’ll know that whatever the inside of your campervan looks like, your seats will fit perfectly inside, offering the maximum amount of room, convenience, and, most importantly, comfort.

The Scopema RIB beds have also been checked for safety in line with the EU safety standards, offering a high level of safety.

Pick the perfect conversion van seats and beds with help from the Sherwood Campers team. Get in touch with us today.