Looking for Conversion Van Windows? We Can Help

Choosing the windows and roof for your campervan can make all the difference. Make sure you buy right with Sherwood Campers

T5 black campervan conversionYour choice of roof and windows for your campervan makes a huge impact on your trip. When you’re converting your vehicle into a campervan, you need to view it as a second home. That means that everything you’d think about when working on your regular home is something that you ought to be thinking about with your camper van.

While windows and roofs may seem like minor things, getting the wrong windows or having no windows installed can cause a whole host of problems. Van window fitting itself is also tricky, so if you need help with your van window fitting or just some advice on the types of windows to go for, feel free to get in touch with our team and we’ll help you through the process.

Do conversion van windows make that much of a difference?

Whether it’s for ventilation, privacy, or you just want to add some extra light into a gloomy area of your campervan, choosing the right windows is an important consideration when converting your van into a campervan.

Important things to consider are ventilation and insulation, too. More windows mean more air to the vehicle, but more windows also mean the vehicle is less secure, not as insulated (unless you get the right types of window) and also more expensive to purchase and fit.

Van window fitting can be a worrying process if you’re doing it yourself. If you want some advice on the types of windows to get, or would prefer us to fit them for you, get in touch with the Sherwood Campers team and we’ll do what we can to help.

Are campervan roofs that important?

While campervan windows are an important consideration, a camper van roof can make a huge difference to the amount of space and insulation you have while you’re on your adventure. Generally speaking, there are three types of campervan roofs to choose from:

The elevating roof:

The elevating roof is the most common roof thanks to its low cost, easy use and lightweight build. This allows you to lift the roof section of your vehicle to give you more space to stand up. The downsides to this type of roof are that the canvas doesn’t offer very good insulation but you can buy thermal pop top wrap to go around the canvas, so if you do open it up, make sure you’ve got your heater on when you are somewhere cold!

The mushroom roof:

The mushroom roof is a smaller version of the elevating roof, but uses less space, making it much cheaper to implement. It’s perfect if you only need a small amount of extra space, such as when you’re standing and using an interior cooking stove. Of course, the downside to the mushroom roof is its small extra space and, again, poor insulation in cold areas.

Fixed high top roof:

The fixed high top roof is essentially an extension to the top of the vehicle, giving a large amount of extra space, without compromising on insulation or security. Generally, fixed high top roofs tend to be more expensive, but it will depend entirely on your vehicle.

What types of campervan windows and roofs would we suggest?

It really does depend entirely on your vehicle. While some vehicles don’t require much extra window space, others may require more for better ventilation or insulation purposes. The easiest way to find out what to get for your van is to contact our team. We’ll look at the van you have and what you can do to make it perfect for your breaks away.

Need help with your van window fitting? Get in touch with Sherwood Campers and we’ll help you get your campervan in perfect shape.