VW Crafter Camper van Conversion, The Sherwood Pathfinder Conversion

The Sherwood Pathfinder Conversion

The Sherwood Pathfinder is our most comprehensive conversion designed for the Vw Crafter camper. This conversion offers families enhanced comfort and more storage capacity, making it the perfect choice for an extended campervan journey. The VW Crafter provides more options and comfort aboard your campervan conversion than our smaller conversions.

Why Choose a Crafter Camper Conversion?

Take the Johnson Family from Cornwall, for example. They had been avid followers of our work on Facebook, and when the time came to turn their camper dream into reality, they knew we were the ones to make it happen. Their four-berth race van, complete with a spacious garage for their mountain bikes, is a testament to the versatility of our Crafter camper conversions.

Read about the Sherwood Pathfinder, including prices and specifications.

Features of the Sherwood Pathfinder VW Crafter 

  • Hot and Cold Water: Enjoy the convenience of hot and cold water during your travels.
  • Onboard Heating: Stay warm and comfortable with our efficient onboard heating system.
  • Ample Sockets and Lighting: Plenty of sockets and lighting ensure a well-lit and fully functional camper.
  • Customisable Options: Although this family chose not to include a shower room, our Crafter camper conversions can be tailored to your needs.

Customer Testimonials on Crafter Camper Conversions

  • “We love our new camper! The Sherwood Pathfinder conversion exceeded our expectations and provided us with the perfect set-up for our family adventures.” – The Johnson Family, Cornwall

Gallery of Camper Conversions

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VW Transporter vs Crafter: Which Makes the Better Campervan?

Choosing the perfect van for your camper conversion often comes down to the VW Transporter or the VW Crafter. The Transporter offers compact versatility, making it ideal for everyday use and easy parking while providing ample space for comfortable living.

On the other hand, the Crafter boasts more room for long journeys and larger families but comes with higher fuel costs and limited parking options. In our detailed blog post, we compare the pros and cons of each to help you make the best choice for your campervan adventure.

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