VW T6 Camper van Conversion, The Newstead Conversion

The Newstead Edition.

This family decided on the Newstead Edition design with the front to back worktop giving you a great feeling of space inside the Vw T6.1 Transporter Campervan Conversion. With the wardrobe taken away you think you lose a lot of storage space but you don’t, as its more usable space below, as this is then turned into cupboards and drawers. This Design was drawn up in March 2020 and has become one of the favourite choices from our customers. This family chose really nice modern colours making it a bright living space with more versatility with the Reimo 3000 seating system. Allowing even more storage at the rear of the vehicle while traveling to your holiday destinations and giving you better everyday use with the seat directly behind the front seats exactly the same as a family car, making it much more practical. They also chose the colours bringing the outside colour in to the living space giving a truly stunning finish to their new camper van.