Revolutionise Your Camper DIY with Premium Campervan Furniture Kits

Your campervan can be more than a home on wheels; it can be a palace, especially with a little help from our premium campervan furniture kits. Sit back, relax, and start planning your luxury campervan conversion with this simple guide to the finer things in van life.


Newstead campervan furniture cupboard finish, kit shown installed



Seating and Beds

It doesn’t matter how big or small your campervan is or how many people will be on the road with you; seating is incredibly important.

Going on a campervan trip means many hours spent on the roads, and in a camper, your seats not only need to provide a comfy and luxurious spot to sit for miles and miles, but they probably also need to double as a sleeping space for you or your kids, or the dog.

You can have luxury, comfort, and versatility with careful planning.

Newstead cupboard finish camper furniture kit installed

Front Seats

For the front seats, there are not many changes you can make. You can equip your cab with legal, safe, and luxurious driver and passenger seats that can recline fully if you have enough space to get two single beds.

These can be good for kids. The back seat is where you have all the choices to make, with a few different styles to help you sleep soundly on your campervan road trip.

Newstead cupboard finish campervan furniture kits ready for pick up

Furniture kits

Our premium campervan furniture kits for the DIY market can greatly help you here. Our bench seats can be easily converted into a flatbed big enough for two, and luxury options with high-quality finishes and a range of colour choices help you pick the perfect seats and bed for you and your camper.

Always choose a bench seat that is TUV certified to EU standards to ensure it is safe for travel and a comfortable and luxurious place to sleep.


Window Finishes and Features

Nothing says luxury like exclusivity and privacy, but this can be difficult in a campervan. When you are parked up at a campsite or the side of the road, people can see in as clearly as you can see out.

This may be great if you are blessed with a postcard-perfect view out of the window, but this can be less than ideal at a campsite or in a car park. You do have a lot of options, though.

Newstead cupboard finish campervan kit installed

Blinds or curtains

Blinds or curtains are popular, though they take up a little space compared to other options. These can be hung above your campervan windows just like your windows at home, and you can use them to get some privacy and exclusivity when you want them or leave them open to enjoy the view.

Roller or Venetian blinds for campervan windows are worth the extra investment, as they roll or shut away and become invisible and unobtrusive when you are not using them.

Curtains can get in the way when you are both driving and stationary, make a noise rapping on the windows on the road, and flap about with the windows open.

However, they are a great DIY choice, as you can make your own with whatever material you like if you are handy with a sewing machine.

Window Tinting

Window tints are a low-cost, low-impact, luxury solution to the window problem. These tints can be quickly and easily applied by a professional or by yourself if you feel confident and leave a low-maintenance solution with a luxury finish.

There are a few different levels of legal window tint to choose from, and most give you a clear view outside without letting passersby and other campsite patrons have a look inside your campervan.

We supply windows with tints of 80%, giving you privacy and a view of the outside world, and we are qualified window fitters, too.

Newstead cupboard finish

Heating, Lighting, and Charging

Keeping warm, cool, illuminated, and your device’s batteries fully charged are all part of your campervan’s luxury features. Lighting is an opportunity to show some style, and modern LED lighting is much less demanding of your resources.

Your campervan’s existing heating system may be enough to keep the cabin warm. Still, you can upgrade to more powerful and energy-efficient systems that will do a better job without draining your camper’s battery or fuel.

Heating and lighting

Heating and lighting choices will depend on the size of your campervan and how many people will be travelling in it. More space requires more of both. The fittings for lights and vents are an opportunity to upscale your luxury, and their placement can provide convenient touches that add to the feeling of a home away from home.

Lights on either side of the main bed space are a nice touch, for example, mimicking the bedside lights at home and providing a light to use while reading before bed.

Interior Extras Clayton lps power System can be supplied with camper furniture kits


Charging ports for tablets, phones, and battery banks are a must-have feature for modern campervans. If a whole family is on board, you will need lots of USBs built into your sleeping area so teenagers can charge their phones and stay connected to their world, and young children can keep themselves entertained on long drives with their favourite shows and games.

Living a luxury van life is entirely possible, and you need to make the right choices and be prepared to go the extra mile so that you do not have to compromise on quality or convenience when you are kitting out your camper. Premium campervan furniture kits are a solid foundation to build your luxury van life around, and they make sense as an investment.


You will spend many hours sitting in seats and then even more sleeping on beds. Make sure you do not compromise when choosing your bed, as you will not enjoy your time on the road and nights at the campsite if you cannot get enough rest before the next day. A campervan furniture kit will be the gift that keeps on giving as you explore the world in your campervan.


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