The Newstead Vw Camper van Conversion is a hit.

The Newstead

From the early stage of design to completion the Newstead Vw Conversion has been a hit with our customers.

With its ultra modern design and bright colours how can you resist our new style units that are ready to go at Sherwood Campers. They come with large tambour doors giving lots of space for storing all your campervan equipment, with flush fitting doors and push locks there’s no rattling door knobs to listen to on your journey.

Plenty of cupboard space but slim design allows for the wider Reimo 3000 seat to run smoothly up and down the camper van with ease. With an endless choice of colours making them a very popular choice.

Taking bookings well into 2019 now  is a credit to our team for putting the time and effort in to make them a success.

Newstead VW Camper van Newstead VW Camper van


Gez Meehan's career, from The Parachute Regiment to leading Sherwood Campers Ltd, showcases a remarkable blend of discipline and craftsmanship.
His background as a plumbing and gas engineer laid the foundation for his transition into the camper van industry, sparked by his own experiences with camper conversions.
Since becoming the Managing Director in October 2013, Gez has been pivotal in designing and building each of Sherwood Campers' bespoke conversions. His hands-on involvement ensures that each vehicle meets the highest quality standards, tailored to the unique needs of his customers.