Volkswagen Transporter T6: The Best Van for Campervan Conversion

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Are you thinking about setting up a volkswagen t6 conversion for the first time? Not sure which model is likely to work best for you? Of course – there are plenty of great Volkswagen lines out there, but here at Sherwood Campers, we certainly have one or two favourites – and you can trust us when we say we know what we are talking about!

One of the most popular Transporters in recent years has been, of course, the amazing T6. The T6 van has been a long time coming, and what’s more, it is already proving to be a huge hit with buyers looking to convert. Released back in 2016, it’s hard to believe that the T6 is already approaching its 6th birthday.

But, let’s not focus on times gone by – why might the best Volkswagen Transporter conversion you’re looking for be behind the doors of a T6? Why do we recommend this particular van above all others? Let’s dive in and take a look.


It’s top-of-the-line

As one of the more modern choices in terms of Volkswagen vans, the T6 arguably benefits from the best in the company’s leading technology. Yes – the T7 may have been unveiled a few months ago, but in the here and now, the T6 very much reigns king and queen on the camper front.

The T6 arrives hot on the heels of six decades’ worth of sheer innovation, as well as blood, sweat and tears. It’s arguably the safest van in the line to date – great news for anyone who may be worrying about whether or not a Volkswagen Transporter camper conversion is actually going to be worth the investment. The fact is, when you invest in technology at this kind of standard, there are very few risks – if at all.

The T6 is remarkably well-built, and you can tell that from the outside-in. Of course, you won’t know how spectacular a Volkswagen T6 camper conversion can be until you pop open the doors and look inside – but you only ever need to leave us to worry about kitting that out.

vw t5 and t6 campervan conversion


It’s amazingly reliable

Yes, you’re going to want your Volkswagen T6 conversion to support you in all your adventures – but just how much support do you actually get? Put it this way – in our years of driving and designing full fit-outs for Transporters, we have yet to come across a more reliable van on the braking side of things.

This is a superbly safe unit that’s ideal for a family or couples’ conversion, with predictable yet smooth controls, and a highly impressive brake assist system. It’s passed immense numbers of tests and has picked up all manner of glowing reviews from experts on the market, too.

This is a modern monster of a van that’s also likely to take a wallop, even if we never recommend you going overboard in a conversion. Your Volkswagen T6 camper conversion is likely to be one of the safest vehicles of its kind on the road, and with that, you can rest assured you always have somewhere sturdy and robust to spend the night.


It’s modern, yet classic

Yes – while that might not make too much sense as a sentence, it will likely make more sense when you actually experience a Volkswagen T6 conversion up-close. This is a machine that clearly borrows from the ease of driving and flexibility of older vans, while it really does look the part on modern roads.

Your T6 will be a classy drive no matter where you’re heading. When some people think of Volkswagen camper conversions, they may think of the old-school 60s buses that – admittedly – still carry a lot of old-school cool to this day. However, with a modern camper unit and conversion, you get all the benefits of AC, added security and – above all – a highly durable, robust chassis and bodywork that puts many other vans on the road to shame.

While it’s safe to say the old vans will always have places in our hearts (for obvious reasons), modern standards such as the T6 are born to be converted. The T6 is impressively roomy – more so when you see how we kit out these fantastic machines. We make sure to use every spare inch of space without making your conversion ever feeling compact or compressed.

The T6 is one of our favourite vans to convert mainly because of all that room. In a T6 conversion, you can expect on board water storage to protect it from Freezing in the winter, a modern power system with the latest lithium Battery, non slip safety flooring, and more than enough space left over for mini kitchen fittings that you’d never expect from a van on the outside.

 Bayleaf green, t6.1 vw transporter


Is a Volkswagen T6 conversion right for you?

If you and the family – or even just you and a partner – are hitting the road on an adventure any time soon, then you’re going to need a four-wheeled friend to join you for the ride. Old-school caravans aren’t going to cut it – for a smooth ride, incredible space and all mod cons, the Transporter T6 remains absolutely top of the tree in terms of our conversion capabilities.

Yes, we’re looking forward to seeing what the T7 has to offer in the years ahead. However, we seriously doubt the T6 is going to lose any steam or traction in that time. For the safety, the durability and the space alone, the T6 is a great value unit that is begging to be converted. If you don’t believe us, take a look at what we’ve done with some T6s in recent times – you’ll agree with us that, bizarrely, it’s possible to improve upon perfection.

If you’re considering a Volkswagen camper conversion but are unsure where to start, the T6 is always going to be our number one suggestion. Take a closer look at the specs, the space and the visuals across our site. Call our team to learn more, or book in with us via web form whenever you’re ready to chat.


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