Reimo Construction

vw campervan conversionReimo have been fitting and selling pop top roofs for over 35 years. All the roofs manufactured by Reimo have passed strict tuv certification. They have there own built in strengthening frame and the roof construction is made up of six parts.

  • Gel Coat
  • Fibreglass shell
  • Inner Frame
  • Reinforcement material and insulation
  • Fibreglass coat on top
  • Inner lining finished in velour


Important facts

The Reimo Elevating roof canvas is made from 100% breathable water proof fabric, which comes with three windows one to the front and one each side of the canvas.

Equipped with mosquito nets to ensure good ventilation. These can also be zipped open completely. 

It can also be fitted with the panoramic canvas, opening the whole elevating roof up allowing the light to flood in bringing the outside in. the over all increase in height to the vehicle of 7cm / 70mm keeping the camper van height below 2 meters depending on wheels and suspension fitted.

The quality of the build of the Reimo elevating roof is truly head and shoulders above the rest of the market.



campervan conversion

All prices inclusive of fitting and VAT.

Long Wheel Base £4900.00

Short Wheel Base £4800.00

luxury bed £1000

Colour coded £550

Panoramic canvas £100