VW Campervan Furniture: Saving Time and Money with Professionally Built DIY Units

The interior of your VW camper and the quality of your VW Campervan furniture makes a major difference to how you feel about it.

The good news is, there is a great option to be found right here with a growing range of professionally crafted DIY units that can transform any internal environment.

This choice is not only a smart one but also a cost-effective option, bringing bespoke customization to your beloved VW Campervan.

Newstead cupboard finish

If you are searching for the perfect way to make your design dreams come to life, read more about what we have to offer below.

Time Efficient Assembly

Imagine if you were to build your own units. Start at the beginning: it may take months or longer to finish the project. Creations like this require experience and patience, and the truth of the matter is, if you purchase pre-built furniture, you get the best of both worlds.

It provides that homemade style you’ve been craving and combines it with a refined craft process. Every unit in the shop comes direct to you with crystal-clear installation manuals, which means you won’t be left guessing. You can realistically get everything in place and ready to go in under a week if you feel motivated enough.


You may be wondering, in what way is this cost-effective?

Well, the upfront cost is as you would expect because you are receiving a customized unit that has expertise in every inch of it. However, when you begin to look at the bigger picture, it makes perfect sense.

The risks of cheaper materials and doing it completely from scratch are you end up with a faulty setup that requires ongoing repairs and short-term replacements.

So when you start to think about the alternative options, paying more upfront is the clear winner. You get true value for what you spend and a unit that is built to go the distance.

Superior Quality

Our superior quality products currently come in two style ranges but don’t worry because there are big plans to expand the range in the future. What is important here is that every unit we construct is made with exceptionally sourced materials and treated with the respect it deserves when it finds its new home in your campervan.

Because the material choices are all led by expertise, your VW will feel the benefit. High-quality products such as those being discussed, always lead to a sustainable and accessible installation, general durability, and a visually stunning aesthetic.

Newstead cupboard finish

Stress-Free Customization

Building things like internal units looks like a small job on the surface, but what about the rest of it? The ranges here come in at least ten different colors and customizations and this alone is a major bonus. You would spend a significant amount of time sanding, treating, and painting any unit that you wanted to build yourself, and this is a major hassle!

By exploring this route, you will receive an attractive balance between what you want design-wise and a unit that looks expertly crafted (because it is). Never underestimate the value of this kind of input because it is often what turns everything else around and facilitates a calmer process overall.

Fewer Mistakes, Lower Risk

Think back on every DIY project you have undertaken in recent years. There are bound to be four or five things (maybe even more) that you can pinpoint which could have gone better or went entirely in the opposite direction that you expected.

DIY ventures, without a boost steering them in the right direction, are more trial and error and there is a big scope for costly mistakes and wasted time.  Whether it is the slightly wrong measurement or running out of materials, whatever goes wrong will hold you back.

Professionally built units stand up as a great addition to the DIY arena to counteract this. You are guaranteed to get exactly what you need from the start of the project until it is complete, and everything is ready to go into place so the timeline is far easier to control.

Newstead cupboard finish

Expert Support

Every DIY project hits a snag at some point during the process. Thankfully, if you invest in professionally built units, there are a clear number of ways that you will have access to genuine support throughout your journey.

If you need it, professional assistance is available and there is always someone ready and waiting to talk things through with you on the phone or via email and live chat on our website.

You can even come to see us in person; just remember, if you want to visit on a weekend you will need to book an appointment beforehand. Any questions you have will be treated with respect and understanding, and we want our customers to reach out so that their units are installed in the best way, as they are supposed to be.

Improve the Resale Value

It is not unheard of for VW owners to trade in their vehicles for something different. When that day comes, it is important to give yourself the best chance at a great sale price.

The majority of vehicles depreciate over time, but you could preserve some value and make yours more appealing to buyers with professional DIY units. It instantly boosts the curb appeal and sets it apart from other campervans, which is beneficial for you at the point of resale because it will mean you can charge higher than the average vehicle out there, and not only will it be completely justified too, but people will want to pay the extra.

When it comes to your VW, you’re always going to want the best option out there. While there are hundreds of ways you could style and furnish the inside, it’s always optimal to have a bespoke, time-saving, cost-savvy option when you look at the bigger picture.

The reasons explored in this guide are more than enough justification for exploring professionally built DIY units as a first port of call.

You never know what you might find, but it is guaranteed to be a great pick.


Gez Meehan's career, from The Parachute Regiment to leading Sherwood Campers Ltd, showcases a remarkable blend of discipline and craftsmanship.
His background as a plumbing and gas engineer laid the foundation for his transition into the camper van industry, sparked by his own experiences with camper conversions.
Since becoming the Managing Director in October 2013, Gez has been pivotal in designing and building each of Sherwood Campers' bespoke conversions. His hands-on involvement ensures that each vehicle meets the highest quality standards, tailored to the unique needs of his customers.