10 Features to Consider for Your VW Transporter T6 Camper

10 Features to Consider for Your VW Transporter T6 Camper 

For many people, a VW Transporter T6 Camper is a fantastic ticket to freedom and fun on the open road. It’s easy to focus on its four wheels, working engine, and solid roof. But what about everything in between?

Here are the ten most important features of your VW Transporter T6 camper van. As UK campervan conversion experts, we always recommend our customers check these elements before making that crucial final decision.

1. Does it have adequate storage for guests on trips?

loxley interior wood effect cupboard fronts

Being in any vehicle can feel confining on longer trips. You can make your T6 far more comfortable for everyone onboard by ensuring enough storage for all your guests. 

Consider the number of people you will likely have on trips with you before finalising your ideal conversion. The more people there are, the more space you’ll need – which means we’ll work with you on making the most of your T6 camper’s interior. You’ll be surprised at what you can tuck away if you try!


2. Consider Sat Nav and WiFi for remote working.

Mobile wifi signal from campervan 

One of the best things about a converted VW T6 campervan is that it can be used for more than just holidays. More and more people are using these spaces as their own moveable offices – meaning they never have to work in the same place twice.

However, most mobile offices will need constant WiFi and satellite navigation access. Otherwise, you’ll need to keep tethering to your 4G (or even 3G, depending on reception mid-trip). We’ll help fit GPS and WiFi solutions to keep you connected.


3. Are the cooking facilities enough for all on board?

loxley interior view looking down with blue blinds

No one expects a restaurant-level kitchen in a van. However, if you plan on spending a lot of time on the road or travelling with a mix of people, you’ll still need a suite with plenty of elbow room and practical features. 

The great thing about the VW Transporter T6 is that there is more than enough room for a fully functional kitchen, as long as qualified professionals install it!

4. Do you need to take your camper off-road? 

on holiday

Sticking to the road is one thing, but many van drivers like to take their T6s across cliffsides, through fields, and even onto beaches. As you can imagine, not all camper van conversions suit the off-road experience. 

Therefore, it’s worth checking with us to see if your conversion is good to go off-road. That means having the best tyres and weight distribution and ensuring your vehicle is ready for rougher riding. The last thing you need is for your new T6 to hit the skids just for trailing off the tarmac!

5. Can you go off-grid camping if you want to? 

VW Transporter T6 Camper  Webasto Diesel Heater Campervan watching the sunset

Going off-road doesn’t just mean occasionally driving on the odd bit of rough ground. You might want to go completely off-grid for a spell.

That means you will need a stable power source in the van to run your appliances, keep the batteries charged, and use the lights whenever necessary. We’ll help you create a sustainable vehicle that can weather off-grid living for short- and long-term adventures.

6. Do you need a pop-top roof? 

VW Transporter T6 Camper  loxley interior view in light blue with elevated roof

Depending on how many people you plan on travelling with and how much time you plan on spending in the van, you may need some extra room. 

Therefore, it’s worth considering getting a pop-top roof and adding more space to your T6. However, it’s always best to trust a professional conversion company that can provide a quality pop-up roof without risk of leakage, easy breakage, or difficulty opening up. 


7. Do you have extra security if parking in remote areas? 

A campervan with a cozy living space to provide warmth during winter trips

Whether travelling alone or with loved ones, your safety should always be your top priority. Thankfully, the T6 is already built with your safety and security in mind – but if you’re looking to park up somewhere remote for a while, we can enhance your conversion even further.

For example, we can install additional lights, alarm systems, locks and deterrents to keep unwanted visitors away.


8. Why not choose an awning for extra outdoor space? 

VW Transporter T6 Camper conversion family picture

Although many of us tend to focus on the indoor spaces of our camper vans, there’s no reason we can’t expand a little! A great way to make the van more efficient, spacious, and comfortable is to use an awning to create extra outdoor space in temperate weather. 

However, you won’t want to waste time and money on a flimsy awning that takes hours and doesn’t give you the protection or extension you want. We’ll help fit a professional awning to your VW T6 conversion that you can pop out and enjoy whenever you wish.


9. Are racking or bike compartments required? 

Man on mountain bike in the hills

Speaking of space, adding a rooftop rack and a bike rack is a great way to use more without interfering with the inside of the van. 

That way, you can quickly load up a bike or two, nice and secured and ready to access when you hit a nice trail or nature spot you’d like to explore on two wheels. It will also mean you reserve space inside the van for the things that matter most!


10. What about entertainment?

Speakers for campervan entertainment

Yes, you’ll probably spend much time exploring with your T6. However, settling in with your favourite shows when the nights draw in is nice. As you wish, we’ll help install top-of-the-line entertainment equipment, such as TVs, speakers, and set-top boxes.


When you’re excited about a VW Transporter T6 camper conversion, it’s easy to overlook some of the most important features! 

So, whatever you need from your conversion, talk to Sherwood Campers – and we’ll make sure all your camper van boxes are ticked. You can call us at 01623 862951 or email us at info@sherwoodcampers.co.uk. We get stunning VW T6 camper conversions on the road in no time.