Buying Converted Camper Vans

How Much Does a Camper Van Conversion Cost?

VW T5 campervanCamper van conversions can quickly go over budget without proper research into what you want and what each price option includes and excludes. For someone with a VW transporter and some extra cash, there might be a handful of things you can do to it. If you’ve been saving for longer, however, your options increase.

VW transporter conversions for sale

If you’re looking to buy a VW Transporter conversion outright, check out our range of VW Transporter conversions for sale. However, if you want to pay for your own VW campervan conversion from scratch, here’s our guide to VW campervan finance…

A campervan conversion costing less than £1,000

For under a grand, there are some great fixes and modifications that you can make to your campervan. The best place to start is the windows. Tinted windows are a must for privacy, and window options tend to start from around £250 for one section. All tinted windows should adhere to the government guidelines on window tinting.

As well as this, you can also use your £1,000 to add either a multirail or an awning to your camper. Both options are great, but the multirail is more of a budget option. It’s a great start for someone who has an awning which they want to attach to the multirail separately, and you can get a Reimo multirail installed for under £300.

However, if you’re willing to spend a bigger chunk of your £1,000 budget, you can get a Fiamma awning installed to your VW Transporter. This system is the whole kit and kaboodle and folds neatly into an aluminium pouch at the top of your VW T5 or VW T6. 

All you need to do is roll the thing out and unfold the legs to have an awning which is ready quickly. To put it away, all you need to do is use the winch to bring back and fold it back into the pouch. It’s a neater and simpler option, but it’s one which you’ll need to pay around £750 for. It’s all a matter of choice, of course.

So, for less than £1,000, you can get most of your windows tinted for ultimate privacy. Or, you can have some of your windows tinted and spend the rest of the money on an awning or multirail option to create a great space (in the great outdoors) for your VW Transporter.

A camper van conversion costing less than £7,000

For less than £7,000, you have a lot more options. It’s with this sort of budget that you can turn your VW Transporter into a place where you can actually sleep. For under £7,000, there are a wide range of bed and seating options so that you can set up camp somewhere and get a great night’s sleep in your VW T5 of VW T6.

If you’ve got around £3,000 to spend, RIB beds are a great option. They provide you with essential comfort for a good night’s sleep. If you’re willing to spend the vast chunk of your £7,000 on your seat-bed system, you can also upgrade to the Reimo beds. Prices start at £5,136. These seats can be moved up and down the camper to the position you require, and folded down to perfectly flat, luxurious bed that is perfect for couples — or individuals who like a lot of space!

You can also use your £7,000 for heating. If you plan on sleeping somewhere which gets cold in the night, your VW Transporter basic heating will not be enough. For around the £1,300 mark, we can install a heating system for your VW T5 or VW T6 to keep the interior warm during a cold evening.

As well as that, there is a range of SCA Pop Top roofs you can install for prices starting at £3,284. These roofs can give you much more living space by expanding your vehicle upwards. When combined with the outside space provided by an awning or multi-rail, a seat-bed upgrade, and a heating system, it’s easy to see how you can really start to turn your camper conversion into a home at around the £7,000 mark.

A camper van conversion costing more than £7,000

For over £7,000, your camper van conversion starts to get more luxurious and more absolute. Starting at £10,000, we can offer complete interior refits to give your camper van conversion a distinct sense of style and aesthetic, as well as features which allow you to cook and store food.

Beyond the £7,000 mark, your camper becomes a place to live and to travel for weekends — or weeks — at a time. We know that no two camper conversions are the same. Each person has their own needs, and we are always sure to remember that with each T6 camper conversion we help with.

Whatever your budget, we have camper van conversion solutions for all costs. Contact Sherwood Campers today and let us talk you through financing your camper van conversion.