7 Tips for Planning The Perfect Campervan Holiday

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Planning the perfect campervan holiday requires a lot of time, research, and preparation. So, to help you along, we have created this quick and easy guide full of the best tips for your campervan trip. Fancy taking your campervan conversion on its first adventure, or somewhere brand new to explore? Here are some top tips to keep in mind.

Consider where to go on your campervan holiday

Thoresby interior VW Camper van conversionBefore setting off on your campervan holiday, be sure to check out all of the local campsites where you can pitch up for a night or an extended stay.

If you’re more of a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ type, or your plans need to be flexible – it might not be a good idea to book a reservation. Instead, try marking a map with all the campsites in the areas you plan to visit. That way, if one falls through, you still have a backup. The best thing about travelling in a campervan conversion is the ticket to freedom. You do not have to plan exactly where and when you will go to have a great time.

Whilst you can technically make camp almost anywhere for a night, there are a few things that you should look out for on your sites.

First of all, always choose level ground, if you park at an angle, you will be stuck at that angle the whole time you’re there. Sleeping, eating, and everything else at an angle! You also run the risk of rolling at night, so always find a flat spot.

Avoid too many lights, too. Parking under lights can be good for safety, but when there are too many around, you’ll quickly find that your sleep is disrupted.

Fully immerse yourself in your holiday and take advantage of the fantastic views. It is definitely worth that extra care and hassle!


Make lists

making a list for campervan holidayNot sure what to take on a campervan holiday? We all remember the basics – such as clothes and food – but more often than not, we forget the very things that can make or break our trips!

Give yourself plenty of time to make a list for your trip, and leave it somewhere you can add to it easily. That way, when you come across an essential you might have forgotten, you can ensure it is on the list before you go.

Don’t forget to add these essentials:

A tin opener: Always remember your tin opener! You don’t want to set up camp only to find you cannot get into your food.

A map of the area and a compass: In a world of GPS and phone navigation systems, very few of us still turn to maps for guidance. However, you never know when you might run out of battery, lose signal, etc. Having a paper map and knowing how to read it could be your saving grace!

A mobile battery pack: If you didn’t opt for solar on your camper, you can invest in mobile solar fold out panels. These are generally only useful if you’re going wild camping, however, as if you are on a campsite you will be hooked up to a power supply.

A first aid kit: A first aid kit is essential for all campervan holidays, especially if you plan to venture into wilder or more rural territories when medical care might be a long drive away. Be sure to regularly replace anything out of date, and stock up on special items you may need for children, pets, or elderly holiday makers.

A torch: Yes, most people have a light on their phones, but if you break down (or are enjoying a tech detox), you’ll want to preserve as much phone battery as possible. Torches are convenient, and having a headtorch you can use hands free is always a bonus.

A fire extinguisher and a fire blanket: Hopefully you’ll never need to use them. But it’s far better to sacrifice some space to these life-saving tools and never need them, than to save space and not have them in an emergency! It’s worth making a fire safety kit an essential part of your campervan conversion.

A map and compass: If you like to go hill walking on your campervan holiday, a map and a compass will prove essential!


Make a meal plan

A great way to ensure that you can put off grocery shopping as long as possible is to make a meal plan. That way, you are sure to have the necessary ingredients, and limit the amount of food you bring! Making a meal plan also allows you to plan for any kitchen utensils you may need.

Remember to include snacks in your plans and pack a few extra staples if you’re thinking about travelling off-grid. Your campervan conversion should have more than enough space for your rations!


Go minimal

You might be tempted to pack everything and the kitchen sink, but don’t! Filling your campervan with useless things will not only make it weigh more (therefore costing you more money on fuel), but it will also make your van feel crammed. In any case, your campervan conversion should already have a sink on board!

Of course, pack the essentials, but remember that you can always buy things you desperately need en route. You do not have to build reserves to last through the apocalypse!


Take the time to prepare properly

Before you even start to pack, plan how you’re going to stay organised while on the road. Look into any extra storage systems you may need. Check the dimensions of your equipment, make sure that everything you want to take, fits into your space.

Check the state of your equipment too! We’ve mentioned checking your first aid kit, but take the time to check your van maintenance is up to date, and that all your safety equipment is intact and properly functioning.


Plan for water, sand, and mud

If you’re planning activities you’ll need to figure out where you want to store any items like hiking poles, or surfboards. You should also consider exactly where you want to store outerwear and waterproofs.

Anything which may need to dry out before packing will need a space where it won’t drip on anything else. For shoes and boots, a designated box or container with a deodoriser is a good plan, it will reduce the risk of tracking mud or sand through your camper.


Choose the best van conversion for campervan holidays

campervan interior

Finally, the key to a great campervan holiday is – of course – having the right campervan! That means not only having a reliable and comfortable vehicle but also having a conversion that suits your needs and those of your loved ones.

Fancy a superb VW T6 conversion to kick start your perfect campervan trip? Contact Sherwood Campers – we’ll help set up an ideal vehicle kitted out with everything you’ll need for the perfect mobile holiday. Start by calling us on 01623 862951, or email us at info@sherwoodcampers.co.uk.


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