Why Professional Campervan Conversions are Safer: Gas, Electric, and Vehicle Safety

Why Professional Campervan Conversions are Safer: Gas, Electric, and Vehicle Safety

As we see more and more camper van conversions on the road, we’re also seeing more and more people undertake conversions by themselves. And, of course, there is an allure to it!

You get to build your van precisely as you want it, invest as much in it as you deem necessary, and simply enjoy building something of your own from scratch.

But, there’s no denying that DIY camper van conversions can also very easily go horribly wrong.

Professional camper van conversions are much safer, and here are a few reasons why.

Gas on a campervan hob

It’s a gas, but no laughing matter


One of the most dangerous things about undertaking a camper van conversion yourself is the installation of your gas. It’s not only tricky to set up gas supplies to a van conversion on your own, you could be taking your life into your own hands.

Even the slightest fault or mishandling of gas connections can lead to disaster.

DIY camper van conversions can easily lead to gas leaks or incorrect installation (which you may be able to smell) and possible carbon monoxide poisoning from incorrect safety checks, which you may not notice until it’s too late.

Carbon Monoxide can easily kill you ion a campervan


With professional VW camper conversions from a trusted, regulated company, you’ll always be certain that your gas is hooked up and good to go.

At Sherwood, we make sure that your conversion is completely gas safety compliant before you drive away, and you’ll get a safety certificate to assure you all the same.

professional campervan conversions by Gez the owner and his team

Getting your wires crossed

Plenty of how-to YouTube videos would have us all believe that wiring vans is nice and easy and that anyone with a screwdriver and a hammer can do it.

You might be a dab hand at a bit of electrical DIY, but wiring up a campervan conversion is far from simple.


You’ll need electricity for a camper conversion to function at all. Obviously, you’ll need power for the living area for appliances, lights, smart chargers, lithium batteries correct cable sizes, fuse ratings for different circuits etc.

Fire Hazard

Wiring a van yourself, much like setting up a gas supply, is both tricky and risky at the same time. Even top-quality tutorial videos online can’t prepare you for the amount of time it takes to get everything working properly! And, even if you do get it to work, there’s no guarantee that it’s safe.

Faulty wiring is a fire hazard waiting to happen. And the last thing you want is to have to worry every time you and your passengers are in the van that it could go up in flames or even electrocute anyone at any given moment!

An electrical fault in your camper van – from poor wiring to a badly earthed appliance – could make all the vital difference between life and death.

Camper conversion experts

Professional camper conversion experts not only have the experience of knowing how to wire up campers such as VW Transporters properly, but they are also qualified to know how to do it safely. That way, they can ensure your safety and that of those traveling with you.

Sherwood can help you install lights that not only keep your conversion looking great, but also running for long periods. We can help with batteries, appliance wiring, and everything in between.

Police checking on campervans at the seaside

Is your van really road-safe?


If you look online, most amateur camper van converters will show you how they’ve maximized their space and made a relatively tight area as easy to use and spacious as possible.

What they usually leave out is how difficult it can be to balance everything – and by that, we don’t mean just ensuring your tyres are equally pumped.

For your camper van to be truly road-ready, adequate weight distribution is key. For example, using the correct lightweight materials so you don’t cause unequal distribution or balance to the camper.

What’s more, weight distribution isn’t the only thing to consider. As homely as it may be, your camper van is a vehicle first. That means that it needs to be as easy to handle as possible in the event of a crash. Minimizing accidents is key – which is why the best van for camper conversion is one that’s been set up and kitted out by professionals.

Focusing on style and stationary utility above safety and drivability is a big and, sadly, common mistake.

A professional campervan conversions team will ensure that your van has the perfect optimized space, style, and convenience while also keeping your safety a priority. We’ll road-test your vehicle and won’t sign off until it passes all our rigorous checks.

quality assurance of getting your campervan gas certificate


Clearing your camper van for insurance

While undertaking your own camper van fit-out by yourself may seem great value compared to signing up for a professional camper conversion, it may end up costing you a lot more in the long run. In fact, one of the key ways in which it may cost you a fortune is through insurance.

Your insurance policy may not cover your camper van if you modify the vehicle beyond its intended use. If not altered or adjusted by a professional, your insurance company will be in their right to qualify the van as ineligible for certain policies.

But having your camper van professionally converted means the vehicle should still be covered under your insurance – in many cases. Always check with your converter before any work begins.

Professional Campervan Conversions – Conclusion

While it’s fun to start picking out campervan furniture and try taking on a camper fit-out by yourself, it’s never an easy task.


What’s more, unless you have certified protections in place (such as those offered through professional campervan conversions with Sherwood Campers), you have no real way of knowing what might happen once you’re on the road.

Wouldn’t it be better value – and safer – to have someone set it all up for you?

If you’re interested in getting the best camper van conversion on the road, then contact Sherwood Campers at 01623 862951, or email us for more information. It’s not just about driving away with a great all-purpose van – it’s about doing so safely, too.


Gez Meehan's career, from The Parachute Regiment to leading Sherwood Campers Ltd, showcases a remarkable blend of discipline and craftsmanship.
His background as a plumbing and gas engineer laid the foundation for his transition into the camper van industry, sparked by his own experiences with camper conversions.
Since becoming the Managing Director in October 2013, Gez has been pivotal in designing and building each of Sherwood Campers' bespoke conversions. His hands-on involvement ensures that each vehicle meets the highest quality standards, tailored to the unique needs of his customers.