Your Guide to Touring Europe in a campervan

Europe road trip - touring Europe in a campervan


Ever fancied taking to the roads of Europe in your very own campervan? Travelling in a small van across the continent not only lets you explore the sights at your own pace but will also cut down on the cost of sightseeing. Touring Europe in a campervan has never been easier, but there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind before you cross the channel.


Choosing the right campervan – what’s right for you?

Depending on where you travel in Europe, you’re going to need a van that can traverse hills, valleys and straights alike. It’s also important to consider your creature comforts on the road, too – it’s likely you’re going to spend plenty of time parking up and enjoying the sights, so be sure to invest in a conversion that’s flexible around your lifestyle and holidaying demands.

For example, why not consider a pop-top roof – such as which you’ll expect from a VW Transporter. This much-loved model provides all the luxury of being a normal-sized vehicle on the road, while still giving you the enviable space of a proper camper when you park.

When you need it, the Transporter’s roof will simply pop out, creating extra space inside the vehicle. This can be beneficial if you plan on spending a long time on the road or if you’re travelling in a larger group. Given that you may want to take in the gorgeous sights of mainland Europe, it’s worth picking a van that’s roomy enough for you to enjoy the sights from while on route.

Alternatively, consider a VW Crafter conversion with a fixed, high roof if your European holiday doesn’t revolve around your van – and it’s more of a means to an end. When you finally get on holiday, you’ve parked up, ready for a quiet night; sometimes, the last thing you’ll want to do is have to set up an extra compartment in your van.

Having a fixed high roof means that everywhere you go, you are already set up. No mantling and dismantling anything, just parking and settling down.

That extra space can also make your drives more comfortable, especially if there are multiple people in the vehicle.

However, this extra space could mean spending extra money on ferries and other crossings due to the height extension – so plan ahead!


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What are the benefits of touring Europe in a campervan?

Travelling across Europe in a campervan isn’t just about the comfort, space and freedom – there are a few fantastic added benefits you might not be aware of.


You’ll save money on tolls

European toll booths may strike fear into the heart of any traveller – but with small campervans, you’re actually likely to pay less when travelling from gate to gate.

If your campervan is under 2m tall, it will be considered a light vehicle – like most cars.
Even campervans that are between 2m and 3m tall are only considered intermediate vehicles and will not be charged the same as large vehicles – such as full motorhomes and trucks.


You’ll save money on crossings

As mentioned, drivers of bigger vehicles such as full-size motorhomes can expect to spend more on European ferries and crossings than those who take family cars – simply because they take up more space. The same goes for cars with caravans and trailers behind them.

However, many campervan conversions are simply considered to be big cars or even normal-sized ones (below 2m tall). You’ll still have to pay for insurance and some form of crossing fee, but it’ll be much less than you’d expect with other motorhomes.


You can park just about anywhere

Again, touring Europe with a campervan means you’ll get away with parking in spots that caravans and motorhomes may otherwise be barred from. As you can imagine, this is going to give you a lot of freedom!

However, keep in mind that there’s always going to be some spots (such as wild camping areas) where you may not be able to pitch up at all. Some of Europe’s best-loved unspoiled beauty spots may require you to park off-site and pitch a tent on foot, instead. Again – plan ahead!


You’re not limited on speed

campervans have an extra advantage when it comes to speed limits across Europe – in that you normally won’t have to adjust for the size of your vehicle, and can simply follow the recommendations for cars.

Drivers of bigger vehicles going downhill, in windy areas, or simply on multiple lanes on the motorway need to be very careful due to their size, which usually means going a lot slower than the other vehicles on the motorway.

European speed limits are easy to spot, and you won’t have to do much adjusting while touring – just follow the signs!


Everything you’ll need for touring Europe in a campervan

Ready to hit those European roads in a campervan? Here’s what you’ll need to pack.

• Your full and valid driver’s license
Your valid passport (don’t travel if it’s due to renew in less than three months)
• A permit to drive internationally in EU countries
Proof of MOT
• Your V5c vehicle documents and handbook / logbook
• Details on insurance (for your van and travel arrangements)
• A GHIC card (for health cover)
• Your pet’s travel documents (if you have one with you)
• Basic tools (spanners, a jack, etc.)
• A wind-up torch (if possible)
• Adjustment and breakdown kit (headlight kit, high-vis vests, triangle, etc.)
• A first aid kit
• A fire extinguisher / other fire safety equipment
• GPS (phone or otherwise), European maps
• A UK sticker for your vehicle (it’s government-advised)
• A spare tyre and inflators
• Credit / debit cards and local, physical money (for toll booths)
• Speed overlay conversion stickers (to show you what you’re doing in km per hour, not miles per hour).

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