Our VW camper conversions are about getting the VW T6 Interior that is right for you. Depending on the level of luxury you want, how long your trip is going to be, or how often you plan on using your new mobile home, there is a whole host of features that you will want and not want in your VW.

Furniture Upgrades

We have a couple of options for furniture upgrades. The first is a side door swing-out table, creating a space to eat a meal, play cards, or have a few drinks, that can be neatly and tidily packed away within the door.

The second option is the Sequoia base leg and table fitting. This more permanent fitting consists of one strong table leg which holds up a high-quality table.

Seating and Bedding Upgrades

We have a range of upgrades available for RIB beds. Integrated armrests, leather upgrades, and swivel plates help to make your RIB even more safe, practical and useful than it already is.

Then, there is our range of seating upgrades. While it’s great to have somewhere comfortable to sleep, a long trip can involve a lot of driving. Our seat upgrades turn the regular VW seats into places where you’ll happily sit for hours at a time. We even have swivel seat options so you can swing your front seats around to the back for socialising when you’re off camping somewhere incredible.

Finally, there is our range of Reimo upgrades. These superior beds can be added into your VW T5 or T6 camper conversion instead of a RIB for an extra cost, which is definitely worth the money. Reimo beds can transform into perfect flat beds which will make you glad you chose a campervan conversion over a hotel room.

Electrical Upgrades

Our three electrical upgrades offer ingenious solutions to common issues. We can install reading lights for people sleeping in SCA Pop Top roofs, under-counter LED lights for better visibility and an extra 240v socket next to the side door. All of these extras are there to make your VW Transporter conversion just that much more comfortable.

Window and Blind Fittings

Whether you’re looking to tint your windows, make them easier to open, or to change their design completely, we have a wide range of options. We fit blinds for those who prefer them to blackout curtains.

Heating Upgrades

To make your VW camper extra-warm during trips in cold countries, we have a great range of heating extras. We can install Webasto Airtop 2000 STC heaters either under the vehicle or under the driver’s seat. You can also include a digital programmer with the option as well.

SCA Pop Top Roofs or Reimo Pop Top Roofs

Whether you’ve got a long wheel base (LWB) or a short wheel base (SWB), we can install SCA Pop Top roofs or Reimo Pop top roofs as part of your VW campervan conversion or as a part of an extra in our VW interior redesigns. One of the many benefits of these Pop Top roofs is the amount of extra space they give, and that includes an extra place to sleep for one more campers on your trip.

Awnings and Rails

An awning system such as the Fiamma F45 is a complete all-in-one solution for a rainy day when you want to create some outdoor space with your VW campervan. Listen to the rain drops on your awning and stay comfortable and dry underneath it as you admire your surroundings.

The Reimo Multirail is a cheaper option, which allows you to attach an already existing awning to your VW campervan. Whatever option you’re looking for, it makes a great addition to our VW interior redesigns and we even have a range of colour schemes to choose from.

Cooking Upgrades

While the kitchens we fit in our VW interior redesigns are great, we also offer upgrades for people looking for oven options or grill options for more heavy-duty cooking. It’s the difference between having a kitchen where you can cook pasta, to having a kitchen where you can cook a decent roast dinner.

To discuss the range of options available for your VW T5 interior or VW T6 interior, get in touch with Sherwood Campers today!