VW T5 campervan interiorThe multitude of options for camper conversions has evolved a lot over the years. Our range of VW T5 interiors and VW T6 interiors, as well as the other added extras we supply, are evidence of just how much the market has changed.

A VW Transporter conversion can be a complex thing, which is why we’ve simplified the whole process with our VW T5 and VW T6 interior options. Choose from our range of three different interiors to start with. Each design contains a range of different features which are designed to work together aesthetically and practically.

On top of our three set designs, we also have a range of extra options for interiors. The idea is that you can create the ideal interior for your VW transporter conversion. So, we make the process easy by providing three interior design options, but we also make the process customisable with our extra options.

Each design option has its own look and feel. The three designs also have three different prices for people on different budgets.

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VW T5 & VW T6 interior design #1: the Thoresby Weekender

Our first option is our cheapest, but the quality is still sky-high. As the name suggests, the Thoresby Weekender is perfect for weekend trips. It’s got all the furniture essentials you’ll need and lots of storage space. You’ve also got a double hob for cooking, a fridge, and everything you’ll need for basic electricity. It’s an ideal space to sleep, cook and relax in for a weekend camping trip.

VW T5 & VW T6 interior design #2: the Rufford

Containing everything you get from the Thoresby Weekender and quite a bit more, the Rufford is a sleeker mid-range option for people who want to spend more than a weekend in their VW camper conversion. The Rufford’s design includes more furniture, more storage space, and a more stylish finish than the Thoresby Weekender.

You can choose from a range of different colours to personalise your Rufford interior and make the elegant finish of it truly your own.

VW T5 & VW T6 interior design #3: the Sherwood Forrester

Our most luxurious option is the Sherwood Forrester. This interior also comes in a range of colour options and every last detail is designed for maximum comfort and intelligent use of space. The bedside lockers are just one such example of the many clever design features this interior option contains.

Of course, it’s not just about practicality. All of the Sherwood Forrester’s features are finished off with smooth, curved edges around the main furniture units. It’s this combination of style, luxury, and practicality that makes the Sherwood Forester such a popular option.

Interior Extras

If you want to add even more luxury to your Sherwood Forester or even more functionality to your Thoresby Weekender, we’ve got some great options. You can modify your bedding and seating with options such as armrests and vinyl covers. You can modify your cooking system by adding one of our grill options. If you want a swing-out table, you can add that. If you want different window features, we can make those changes, too.

The aim is for you to build a campervan which you are happy to pay for and happy to camp in.

All our prices are as quoted on our website and they all include the VAT and the cost of fitting. There are no hidden charges with us because we’re determined to make sure that you can budget for the exact VW transporter conversion you want.

Contact Sherwood Campers today to talk about what you want from your VW T5 or VW T6 interior. We have a huge range of options to match any kind of camper.