The short answer is: “every part of your camper van can be modified.”

campervan modificationsHowever, the longer and more accurate answer is that it depends on what you want. If your camper van is brand new, it might be unnecessary to change certain parts of it. Also, the modifications you choose depend on what you plan on doing with your camper van conversion.

Some camper vans are upgraded for the sake of comfort, some are upgraded for necessity, and some are upgraded for the look. The important thing is that you get what you want. You are quite literally in the driver’s seat.

If you plan on using it to travel to cold places, an upgraded camper heater is a must. If you plan on taking it for long, long drives, upgraded camper seats are important. Need privacy? You might want new camper windows. Need a bit of outdoor space? You could consider camper van Reimo Awning rail.

It also depends on your budget. For each modification option, you should consider how much you’re willing to spend on it. If that modification isn’t something you’ll often use, it might be worth saving your money for something else. If it’s an integral part of what you want, it’s worth spending the extra money. Like everything else, a good camper van conversion requires good budgeting.

We’re happy to convert your entire camper van, or we can just do one modification to it. Of course, if you want a converted camper van right now, you can always buy a converted camper instead.

If you want to talk to someone about converting any part of your camper van, contact Sherwood Campers today for a consultation and a quote.

Camper Heater Upgrades

Plan on taking your van somewhere cold? Whether it’s Sweden or Scotland, the right heating and insulation system can make your camper van a warm and cosy place to be, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Camper Window and Roof upgrades

Roof upgrades are a brilliant way of expanding the amount of living space in your camper by building upwards. They can be opened and closed easily, and they can even provide an extra sleeping space for your campers.

When combined with a Reimo multi rail or a Fiamma awning, your parked VW transporter will feel the like spacious home away from home that a VW camper conversion should feel like.

Tinted glass is a great look and a great way to guarantee privacy. If the light is off, it allows you to look out while others are unable to look in — perfect for people who want to camp in peace.

Our window installers are trained professionals, so we can guarantee a job well done. What’s more, we are always sure to follow government regulations with regards to tinted windows.

Camper Van Seats and Beds

Long journeys require good seats, and camper trips require beds. That’s why we have a range of seat and bed options for camper vans. Safe and comfortable seating makes a long drive feel shorter, and a safe and comfortable bed makes a camping trip away from home feel nothing like a camping trip at all.

Reimo Multi Rails and Fiamma Awnings

Create a great outdoor space wherever you are with Reimo multi rails and Fiamma awnings. For VW camper enthusiasts with their own awning system, Reimo multi rails are a must-have addition. They are — by far — the best option for attaching an already-existing awning to your VW Transporter.

Fiamma awnings are great for people who want the whole kit together. They fit neatly into an aluminium pouch on top of your van. Setting it up is a simple matter of pulling it out and they can be winched back and retracted just as easily.

Whatever part of your VW transporter needs converting, get in touch with Sherwood Campers and we can guide you through it!