Professional Campervan Conversions vs DIY Conversions

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With campervan conversions becoming more popular than ever, more and more people are interested in doing their own conversions to save themselves money. But can DIY campervan conversions really compare to having a professional do the hard work for you?

No spoilers – but when you hire experts (such as the team here at Sherwood Campers) to take care of your campervan conversion for you, you can always be sure your setup is of a high quality, safe to run, and needs no technical setup of your own. You’re paying for peace of mind.

However, in the interest of fairness, let’s take a closer look at the differences between professional campervan conversions and DIY alternatives – and what might likely work best for you.


Is cheaper always better? 

Many people consider doing their own campervan conversions solely because it will be cheaper. And yes, doing your own DIY work is usually more affordable, but does that make it better? 

Converting a campervan of any size is a delicate job. The cost of doing any of the conversion wrong, from the wiring, to suspension, to insulating, could mean the difference between a vehicle that is safe to drive and one that is likely to put you and your loved ones at risk.

There is no doubt that your safety and those who will travel with you are of the utmost importance. Risking this is never an option, especially when you can pay for the conversion of your dreams from a professional team. Professional campervan conversions provide better value long-term – DIY may be cheaper upfront, but it’s costly in many ways further down the line. 


Have you considered your insurance policy? 

One thing that many people undertaking their own DIY projects do not consider is the potential increased cost of their insurance. In fact, the increase in cost is practically guaranteed – unless you’re qualified to do the job!

Given the intricacies of campervan conversions, it is so easy to make a dangerous mistake. Therefore, DIY campervan conversions are far more likely to hike the price of the policy you pay for. Therefore, by doing it all yourself, you will also need to consider the added cost of the insurance. 

When you invest in a professional job, you’re saving on this extra cost right out of the gate!


Plan for the future 

While your DIY project may be of a fantastic standard, will it pass the test of time? If you are planning on investing in a campervan conversion, then chances are that you are planning on keeping it running for the years to come – be it as your new home on wheels, a holiday vehicle, for work, etc. It’s a solid investment, so why get it wrong?

By investing in a professional campervan conversion, you will better ensure the longevity of your vehicle and thus make a wiser investment. What’s more, we have professional guarantees to ensure your enjoyment for the years ahead. 


Get the campervan of your dreams 

There’s no reason why you can’t have the campervan of your dreams, whether that’s a T5, T6, or a Crafter for example. But, realistically, how far will your skills take you? 

A professional campervan conversion company will have the skills, experience, and tools to get the job done efficiently. You will be able to choose from a variety of styles and layouts to ensure that your campervan is exactly what you need.

This will ensure that you get the best materials, treatment, and layout for your demands without having to worry about lifting a finger. Like we said – it’s investing in peace of mind!


Save yourself time 

Anyone that has ever taken on their own campervan conversion will be able to tell you just how intensive they are. Undertaking a campervan conversion is a huge challenge that can take months, even years – and that’s just making sure everything runs smoothly.

You will save yourself a huge amount of time and effort by investing in a professional campervan conversion. This way, your dream of cruising around in your own personalised campervan could happen sooner than you think – there’s no hanging around.


Ensure that you and your loved ones are safe 

With the number of DIY tutorials out there we can all find online, it is only natural for so many of us to be interested in taking on huge projects ourselves. However, it is important to remember that while some DIY projects may be easy enough to tackle alone, bigger projects – such as those involving vehicles – require a lot of time, effort, and care.

The first role of your vehicle is to keep you and those around you safe on the road. However, one fault in the conversion of the campervan could lead to disaster. That is why it is best to rely on a professional with the experience you need to ensure that you and everyone around you will be safe on the road. Unless you’re a trained mechanic or conversion expert, it’s always best to rely on a team who can help out.


Is a professional campervan conversion an investment worth making? 

Suppose you are interested in using a campervan for a moveable workspace, a holiday home, an external domicile or otherwise. In that case, it pays to approach someone who can get you set up safely and efficiently. Investing in a quality conversion undertaken by a professional is investing in you, your goals, and your happiness! 
Aerial view of blue and grey vw camper interior, professional campervan conversions by Sherwood Campers
If you are interested in learning more about a professional campervan conversion or would like to set up your own, then contact the team at Sherwood Campers. We’ve been working with couples, families and solo travellers for years – and never leave a job unfinished. What’s more, we know what looks good – and what works well on the road.

Our quality interiors are designed and installed bespoke by our experienced team, ensuring that your conversion is always inspiring – no matter where you’re heading.

To book a free consultation, or more information on professional campervan conversions, call us on 01623 862951, or email us at today! 


Gez Meehan's career, from The Parachute Regiment to leading Sherwood Campers Ltd, showcases a remarkable blend of discipline and craftsmanship.
His background as a plumbing and gas engineer laid the foundation for his transition into the camper van industry, sparked by his own experiences with camper conversions.
Since becoming the Managing Director in October 2013, Gez has been pivotal in designing and building each of Sherwood Campers' bespoke conversions. His hands-on involvement ensures that each vehicle meets the highest quality standards, tailored to the unique needs of his customers.