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Camper Van Conversions Guide

Camper van conversions are a great way to turn a standard vehicle into a way to take a holiday or — if you’re feeling adventurous — travel the world! However, it’s a long process, and with each piece of home that you add to your camper van, the process gets more complicated.

The aim of this guide is to take you through every step. From the modifications you can make, to the types of interiors we offer, to how to finance the whole thing, we want to make sure that your Camper Van Conversions Guide is something which helps to take you wherever you want to go.

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Why convert vans into motorhomes?

The VW Transporter isn’t primarily built for living in. These vans are designed to move equipment around, so why convert them into camper vans?

The answer to that question is that VW Transporters aren’t necessarily just for moving equipment. They can be anything. They are a canvas that people can apply their own ideas, too. Volkswagen knows this, and it’s why VW Transporter conversions remain the most popular kind of camper van conversions.

Volkswagen has long known that the Transporter is ripe for a camper van conversion, which is why each iteration of the Transporter is so popular for conversion. Whether it’s a T1, a T6, or anything in between, people love turning VW Transporters into camper vans.

VW Kombi conversions have evolved beyond the 1960s…

The original Volkswagen Transporter is the classic camper van. When most people imagine camper vans, they imagine the 1960s, they imagine surfers, and they imagine the original Volkswagen Transporter: the VW T1.

It’s a great option, for sure! However, it’s not the only option. In the decades since, Volkswagen has perfected the humble camper van with update after update to the VW Transporter. As such, VW T5 camper conversions and VW T6 camper van conversions are also great options.

VW T5 and T6 Campervan Conversion guides – Giving you the advice you need!

We offer a range of options for people looking for VW T5 and T6conversions or any kind of camper conversions. We can either modify your current camper van into a swish, stylish camping machine, or you can browse the VW camper conversions we have for sale.

How can I afford a camper van conversion?

The aim of this guide is also to take you through financing options. In some cases, it’s cheaper to buy a camper conversion which has been converted than it is to modify your camper van sections at a time. Buying a fully-converted VW camper means that you have one straight away, but you don’t get to choose which modifications you want and you don’t know how well its been built. Modifying your entire camper van yourself is cheaper, but it’s incredibly time-consuming. You could let us modify parts of it instead, or you could let us modify the whole thing.

You need to do whatever works for you. Whether you need to modify certain parts of your camper van, convert your entire camper van, or acquire a fully-converted camper van, we can help.

What Parts of My Camper Van Can Be Modified? 

Our VW T5 and VW T6 Interior Options

How Much Does a Camper Van Conversion Cost? 

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